RomCom Rebuttal: The Holiday

In a rare move, I’ve allowed the impassioned Courtney Jacquin to issue a rebuttal to my review of The Holiday. The following is a list of grievances about why she thinks I’m wrong in my assessment.

It is truly an honor to write the first guest post for David Webber’s 30 Day RomCom Challenge 2015. It’s fitting it’s for The Holiday the hotly-contested Christmastime rom-com that inspired this here blog.

When the time finally came this past Saturday afternoon to have our planned group viewing of The Holiday I couldn’t wait to share one of my favorite rom coms with David. It’s the superior, in my eyes, Christmas rom com to Love Actually. It’s a movie I can keep watching over and over again. Jude Law. There are so many reasons why it’s great.

So, you can imagine my disappointment as I peered over and saw David sleeping on my couch right in the middle of our screening. Don’t worry, we rewound the movie so he could catch up on what he missed, but I think at that point he was just as disengaged while conscious.

But alas, as with many things, David is wrong. Here, I present my five reasons why.

1 – Not all films have to be great to enjoy them

As we were watching The Holiday, I noticed myself making fun of many of the scenes along with the rest of the group. What I realized? The Holiday is not a great movie. Cameron Diaz is trash. How she has a formidable film career is beyond my understanding. Her scenes are what truly reduce the quality of the film. But you know what also isn’t a great movie? Most movies. I consider myself fairly ~up~ on the entertainment industry. I strive to see (usually successfully) all of the Best Picture nominees each year. Rom coms are not what I spend my money on in theaters. But you know what’s nice? Watching something that’s nice. It’s why I prefer to watch 20 episodes of Chopped in a row instead of the final five episodes of Hannibal burning a hole in my DVR. The Holiday makes you feel as warm and cozy as Kate Winslet’s Surrey cabin. It is a quintessential December movie.


There was a time, the early 2000s, when Jude Law was in every movie. In 2004 he had starring roles in not one, not two, but FIVE films, plus provided the voice for Lemony Snicket in the unfortunately-awful A Series of Unfortunate Events. He was everywhere. He was the star du jour. Sadly, I was only 12 in 2004 and couldn’t understand what this really meant.

Jude Law is a beautiful human, a perfect specimen. If he were American I would feel the same way, but then he opens his mouth and the most beautiful sound of a British accent comes out.

The film industry is the most sexist of them all, so different kinds of movies are made for different genders. Big-budget flicks where things blow up with nameless busty women are for men. Movies with Jude Law are for women. David is a man. Despite the weird homoerotic things he sometimes says to my boyfriend, he is interested in women and cannot fully understand how perfect Jude Law is.

3 – The Holiday is a great TV movie

I will admit David was right in some aspects of his review (ugh). This movie has a lot of dialogue, and it drones on at points. Enter: commercial breaks. Come December, you can find The Holiday on some cable channel at any given time. You will turn it on, jump in at any point because the plot is not difficult, and enjoy the occasional breaks via advertisers. Some movies are meant to be watched on TV, and I fully believe this is one of them.

“TV movies” are also the ones that are simple and enjoyable. They don’t have to be great pinnacles of film excellence, they just have to be fun and watchable. The Holiday is just that.

4 – The cast is great (sans Cameron Diaz)

Listen, Kate Winslet is no scrub of an actress. Remember that time she won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress IN THE SAME YEAR? Oh and also an Oscar. Casual. 2009 was wild. Still one of my favorite award years, but I digress.

Kate Winslet is a very good actress. Jude Law is a very good actor and so beautiful it honestly doesn’t matter. Jack Black is incredibly charming and perhaps the most realistic character in the film. We’ve already established Cameron Diaz is trash, but hey three out of four ain’t bad.

Also, let’s have a shout-out for Jude Law’s children. They’re so adorable and the scene where Cameron Diaz goes to their house is one of the best in the film.

5 – David did not give The Holiday the same treatment as the other rom coms

Watching a movie in a group setting is hard. Watching it in a group where your drunk friend hates the movie is even harder. You talk during the movie. You fall asleep if you’re David evidently.

For all of the other films of this challenge, David watched them in the solace of his room while taking arduous notes. He claims he would have still been bored with the dialogue and had a similar reaction, but I disagree. He was trashing The Holiday near the level of Gigli, and even though Ben Affleck is now an Oscar winner, you know The Academy didn’t want that to happen. There’s no way in this universe that The Holiday is as bad as Gigli. I’m #blessed to have seen both and listen, The Holiday is an award-winner in comparison.

So here’s my tl;dr: The Holiday is great and David is wrong. As usual.


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