Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Review Haiku

Dear God how can I

Keep going with this challenge

I’m losing my mind

Review: 3/5


It seems like everyone has seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so I’m glad I jumped on the bandwagon last night. It’s very much a Judd Apatow production, full of irreverent scripting, gratuitous nudity, and stinging drama. In short, it was exactly what I expected, though it was much rom-commier than I thought it would be (not a bad thing).

This movie made its mark with its cast. By plot alone, it’s nothing special; add the heavenly Mila Kunis, a coked-out Paul Rudd, a paunchy and always funny Jonah Hill, Russell Brand at his Russell Brand-est, and a grown-up Michael Cera named Jason Segal, and you have a formula for success. While no one stands out from the rest, the sum is what makes everything work. There is chemistry abound from start to finish.

That chemistry was necessary, because this is a pretty by-the-numbers plot. But that’s the magic of Judd Apatow – he takes the normal parts of life and uses his ingenuity to extract every bit of drama and humor out of them. That doesn’t mean I was excited when, not five minutes into the film, I was introduced to Jason Segel’s flaccid penis, but it does mean that a typical breakup was rendered unique by the presence of nudity.

Ultimately, though, I found Forgetting Sarah Marshall to be below what Apatow is capable of. There was nothing particularly memorable about it. It was just…a solid movie. Nothing wrong, nothing spectacular. Kind of like this review so far.

Man, I’m really running out of things to write about

Not kidding, my girlfriend carved this pumpkin

Maybe I should start taking notes again. The movies I took notes for have more extensive reviews. Needless to say, this movie was note-less because I’m getting lazy as the Challenge progresses.

So I will now use this space to discuss my frame of mind, since I’ve said all I can say about Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I’ve lost whatever passion I had left, folks. I should never have taken a break from the Challenge, because my time off sapped every cubic centimeter of inspiration I had left. You know what’s happening? Exactly what I predicted would happen in my early reviews. The movies are blending together. I’m losing the desire to watch them. My reviews are uninspired. The tropes are wearing on me. I no longer arrive home and say, “oooh, I wonder what’s next?” Instead, I arrive home and say, “What’s on the docket for today?” I don’t look forward to watching these movies anymore. They have become a chore.

Part of the problem is the reviews. Watching the movies is hard enough; writing reviews that differentiate 30 rom-coms from one another is an entirely different animal. The acting was good, or it was bad. The plot was decent, or it was plodding. The director was visionary, or he/she was generic. There were cliches, or there weren’t. How is ANYBODY still reading these (and if you are still reading them, I’m eternally grateful) and still learning anything or getting anything of substance out of them. I’m losing my mind here.

Granted, I’m a creature of habit and my routines have been completely thrown out of whack the last few weeks. In consecutive weeks, I took trips to Providence, Chicago, and Pennsylvania. In the process, my dietary routine melted into carbs and sugar, my workout routine became sitting in a car for hours at a time, and I even ran out of medication – which, for those who aren’t aware, is the only thing making me a functioning member of society. You should see me without my drugs. It’s like watching a slug who just got salted. Not a pretty sight.

Anyway, I’m back on my horse. I have…10 movies to go, I think. It’s the home stretch. The last third. I’ve failed and failed and failed; there is no more failure. Ten more movies, 10 more reviews, 10 consecutive days, you have my word. Then, it’s on to the next project, whatever that may be (you may hear some Gossip about it). Let’s knock it out.


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